What is Flash?

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Flashchan.com is a website which gathers creative animations, loops, music, and games in Flash format. And what exactly is Flash and how this term was created?

A brief history of Flash format

Adobe Flash (formerly known as Macromedia Flash) is a multimedia platform designed to enhance  websites with animations, interactive applications, games and sound. Flash Format was created in 1996, when there was growing need for enrichment of the Web sites and interactive elements, but at the same time, access to the Internet transfers were still very sloww, and most of the users were connected to the Internet, using slow dial-up modems, with maximum transfers speed as low as 56 Kb/s. For this reason, Macromedia developed this format to allow creation of small-sized applications with vector graphics which despite small size was graphically impressive. Videos made with Flash could quickly load, and thanks to the capabilities of vector graphics, took up little space and could be compressed. Evidence of its effectivity is that Flash is used to this day, and probably every Internet user is using Flash, in various form of which most popular is video format for websites streaming videos like popular Youtube. Every video stored on such sites is compressed and streamed through .flv file format – Flash Video.

The creator of this format-Macromedia has developed 8 versions to 2005, each of them containing more and more sophisticated elements, and enabling to using the new possibilities of computer hardware – microphone and camera, or hardware accelerated graphics cards, as well as having a scripting language Action Script, allowing to control the interactive movies and games. The last version developed under its Macromedia brand – Flash 8, has included the possibility of stream or streaming graphics and sound, which became popularized by previously mentionedYoutube. At the end of 2005, Flash was acquired by Adobe, which in 2007 launched an even more advanced version – Adobe Flash CS3 as part of the package that includes Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. The Flash Format has became extremely popular and is used not only in computers but also cell phones, tablets, touch screens in public places and other electronic devices. Its critics are suggesting that it is overused in online advertising, especially banners and pop-up windows, but its universal utility, great features and numerous group of creators and professionals who specialize in Flash ensures that it will stay popular and will be effectively developed in future.


Here are some of the Flash categories on the site:

4chan: It is an infamous English-speaking image forum: imageboarde, which has millions of users around the world. Especially known is its random board (called /b/), which is known for its random discussions turning into original ideas. 4chan initially was gathering fans of Japanese culture, but now with a dedicated dozens of forums, you can actually discuss everything whether it is cooking, video games or hentai. 4chan is active and very popular community that has created thousands of internet memes and some original Flash animations.

Anime: These are various movies associated with Japanese animation. They can be videos, loops, music from the anime and much more.

Games: You can also find some games here. Exceptional capabilities of Flash-driven programming scripts (Flash has its programming language called Action Script) and the relative ease of programming of even complex projects has created a lot of creative ideas which has emerged as a games.

Music: Movies in this category contain music or sound clips. This category also includes the so-called soundboards, or Flash with sound effects from games or movies.

Loops: Loops are short videos that are looped, which means that they are play endlessly. Loops can be as short as a few seconds to a few minutes or longer, mostly in sync with the music. Loops are popular, because they have original aesthetics, which attracts a lot of fans to the animation. Many loops can often be really good and captivating.

Weird: All most-original, spooky, strange or just weird animations, not falling within any category. Be sure to watch some of them, as they are very creative!